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Daily Racing Rag Special Report BOBBY JINDAL EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
ALA BOBBY JINDAL AND THE FORTY THIEVES Bobby Jindal stars as a corrupt politician that turns his home state into an Republican elephant cesspool for oil companies using hocus pocus, card tricks and magical illusions including levitating into a Presidential nominee position.
EVERYBODY LOVES RAYBOB Former prime-time TV star Ray Romano has found a way back on television. Joined by Bobby Jindal they play Indian-born conjoined twins who perform comedy as RayBob and have immigrated to America to pursue a joint career in comedy and the movies. RayBob immediately falls heads over heels in love with smart and funny Patti "Funbags" Funicello, a 36 year-old Italian-American actress with a speaking part in an upcoming second remake of the movie "Earthquake". RayBob offers her several points on a pending comedy project if she'll collaborate on the script and share a house with RayBob in the San Fernando Valley.
FIFTY SHADES OF JINDAL Bobby Jindal played by Bobby Jindal had always thought of himself as white and identified with being white. His favorite color was white and his favorite game show celebrity was Vanna White. So when a controversy arises about his official Louisiana state portrait being too white it infuriates Jindal. He has fifty different portraits duplicated each featuring a different skin tone. Calling the whole thing stupid he puts all fifty portraits on display in an exhibit so people can vote for their favorite portrait. Paula Deen is impressed and empathetic so she offers up an invitation to cook dinner for the Governor where magic happens and the dinner lasts for days.
DKTV and SWEET HOME LOUISIANA WITH BOBBY JINDAL have taken advantage of the controversy about Phil Robertson's comments in a gay magazine to promote heterosexual tourism in Louisiana. Jindal defends Robertson by saying he and his family are great citizens of the great State of Louisiana and that the politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints except those they disagree with and down here in Louisiana we don't tolerate that kind of intolerance. While we despise deviant minded homosexuals and the like and everything they and the creeping liberal socialist agenda that threatens our great way of life here in the great State of Louisiana we wanna encourage everybody to come on down to the great State of Louisiana and spend some of those tourist dollars.
Judge Jindal Prescribes Prison! Calls for imprisonin' somebody at IRS. Now y'all know we don't have the facts but if we did have the facts then I propose prison sentences for those who perpetrated somethin'. Just to be certain Judge Jindal said it twice the normal twice he says everythin'. May 19, 2013. Louisiana Lawn Dawdle News
Judge Jindal Prescribes Prison.
Youngest Elephant Complains About Old Bulls! They're chasing calfs from the herd. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana said too much bullshit is coming out the old bulls like John McCain and Rush Limbaugh. November 15, 2012. Animal Politics
Youngest elephant complains about too much old bullshit!
Sununu Mahout Jindal Says Obama Not American Enough! Jindal heads upriver from his Louisiana cesspool to help Lord Mitt Romney in the national Republican campaign to abolish minimum wage, healthcare benefits and job safety regulations. Romney says America is about success and success is about making money and if you can't make money that's too damn bad because as Romney likes to say if you're looking for free stuff then vote for the other guy. Romney's American dream was to destroy the lives of thousands of American workers so that he could become a multimillionaire and own huge mansions and be a big deal in the Mormon church and then become President and bask in the adulation of all those people who want money but don't have money because Romney has it. Mahout Jindal says that's as American as Rani Babar's rice curry pie and puddin'. July 18, 2012. Mahout Monthly News
Sununu Mahout Jindal says Obama not American enough!
Jindal says he will not run for President in 2012. Bobby Jindal Will NOT Run For President in 2012!
"NO ifs, ands, buts or caveats". He will run for reelection as Louisiana's Governor's in 2011.
At only 39 years old Jindal would be the youngest Presidential candidate by ten years so it makes sense for him to wait until he's gained more experience and political allies before attempting a national campaign. Since Jindal will also be busy with the Governor's race, he feels it would be impractical to pursue a Presidential run this time around. He says he still has much to accomplish in Louisiana and a run for President would take too much time away from getting that job done.
November 19, 2010. Baton Rouge Cajun
What Makes Me Worry?
Drunk drivers make Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal worry. That's what he told a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers rally held today.
"What makes me worry is we've got ourselves a mighty big problem down here in Louisiana with drunk drivers and especially the younger folks and folks of all ages who are getting killed by drunk drivers.", Jindal said. "The number one cause of teenagers dying down here is auto accidents and drunk drivers are causing auto accidents. It's just a sad crying shame when a youngster dies young and doesn't live long enough time to live a long life." Jindal continued, "I appreciate all you folks here with MADD and what you all are doing and what you all do every day and I want you all to know you all can count on the hospitable cooperation of the Louisiana Governor's office and anything we can do for you all we are going to do for you all."
October 8, 2010. Baton Rouge Convention Center
What makes me worry?
Vote for 2012 U.S. President TodayVote for 2012 U.S. President TodayVote for 2012 U.S. President TodayVote for 2012 U.S. President Today
Vote TODAY for President Of The United States Of America!
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