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Daily Racing Rag Special Report U.S. SUPREME COURT EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
SUPREME DANCING WITH THE STARS Republicans threw away Senate tradition for fave judge Neil Gorsuch and now his celebrity status has earned him a new spin-off dance show where the dance judges themselves will be judged by the viewing audience. Gorsuch doppelganger Tom Bergeron hosts.
THE SUPREMES- BABY I NEED YOUR LOVIN' After a a stunning Supreme Court decision limiting access to female contraceptive devices but not penis pumps, Viagra and Cialis the old Ivy League frat pack was feeling back in the game saying it's the time of life to take action so they decided to get the old band back together and take a restored muscle car on the road and charm the skirts right off the ladies just like in the old days. Sure the story sounds as familiar as an old beach blanket but those golden oldie songs are terrific and this is one Broadway show you can just sit back spread your legs and enjoy without thinking.song
SHARIA LAW & ORDER - EMPLOYEE EVALUATIONS UNIT The Law and Order TV crime drama franchise will premiere this timely new show in late summer. After a Supreme Court decision rang the bell of corporate religious liberty by declaring that sincere religious beliefs trump federal law it shocked the nation to learn that hundreds of companies were either owned outright or the majority shareholders in the corporation were three practicing Muslim billionaires Bader Nasser Al Kharafi, Mohammed Al Shaya and Lubna Olayan. They were given every legal right to do so and began a purge of non-Muslim infidels from their payrolls for haram or sins against Islam. Firing offenses included adultery, premarital sex, sex during pregnancy, homosexuality, blasphemy, apostasy, use of alcohol, tobacco or drugs, eating pork, nutmeg, vanilla extract or gelatin, wearing gold jewelry, hairpieces, silk shirts or ties on men, wearing wigs, see through clothing or showing skin or hair on women and anyone having tattoos. Hundreds of thousands of workers from Office Depot, KFC, Met Life, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Cadbury's and Krispy Kreme were affected. These are their stories.sound effect
HIGH COURT is a gripping forensic detective drama involving the Supreme Court and a rogue covert black ops plan that may or may not be based on a true story. An employee of the federal contractor providing cleaning services to the Supreme Court locker room was the first to notice the security lapse as justices would leave bottles of certain prescription anti-gas and headache medications in their private washrooms. In this drama the medications were switched and the justices gradually started behaving oddly until a series of inexplicable decisions culminated in an official investigation. Wild psychedlic visions led Chief Justice Roberts to believe he was an astronaut and the Supreme Court building was alive and growing taller
Courtwatchers Claim Pigs Are Flying Conservatives sprout wings! Hundreds of very prominent Republicans including leading conservatives have publicly declared their support for the nationwide legalization of gay marraige. Until recently most had publicly opposed the idea for political purposes. The change has been so dramatic and sudden that the National Audobon Society has chartered buses to Washington D.C. for a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness pigs fly. Supreme Court watchers have reported sightings of flying pigs above the Supreme Court building and all around the Capitol prompting a frenzy of multi-color umbrella sales. March 26, 2013. Jimmy Dean's Washington Report
Supreme Court to decide gay marraige.
Is Scalia Ready For Gay Marriage? Supreme Court to decide gay marriage issues.
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has compared homosexuality with bestiality and is not expected to vote in accordance with the prevailing attitude of the American public. Scalia loves the attention he gets at paid speaking engagements for right wing groups but has become one of the biggest political hacks in court history. December 17, 2012. Juicy Judiciary News
Is Antonin Scalia ready for gay marriage?
Mission Accomplished! Conservatives successfully use U.S. Supreme Court to thwart the will of a majority of Americans. The master plan for the New World Order has always required the reversal of social progress as the people simply cannot have what they want because the super conservative billionaire wealthy elite enjoy living as Gods and saying what it is so and deciding who lives and who dies and scripting how Supreme Court justices will vote. Right is Wrong and Peace is War and Save is Spend and Health is Death.
April 4, 2012. Armageddon Law Review
Mission Accomplished!
Supreme Death Panel U.S. Supreme Court prepares to impose death sentence on millions of uninsured sick people with pre-existing conditions. "Welfare of the people" has been deemed irrelevant in this unprecedented power grab by conservative right wing Republican justices. If these conservatives justices in the Supreme Court overturn a law passed by Congress for the first time in 75 years the result will be what Sarah Palin called a Federal Government Death Panel. She predicted it would be composed of bureaucrats appointed by Obama but she was wrong. The Supreme Court of the United States is about to sentence millions of people to financial ruin and death over a disputed point of Constitutional law. The five conservative right wing Republican justices, which include Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito and Roberts will have the blood of millions of Americans on their hands and will likely burn in hell for all eternity. March 29, 2012. Armageddon Comics
Supreme Death Panel
Supreme Court Mulls Superpowers! It's life or death for Obamacare as Supreme Court considers biggest Justice Branch power grab in U.S. history. 80 years of legislation based on the Commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution is at risk. Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, environmental protections, auto safety and fuel statndards could all be overturned if the Court decides Congress has exceeded it's authority by regulating interstate commerce. Until this legal strategy recently became a means for the right wing to attack Obamacare the concept had rarely even been considered because it is extreme and radical judicial activism on steroids. If Obamacare is ruled unconstitutional new lawsuits on old previously settled subjects will be filed by the thousands ensuring full employment for constitutional lawyers for decades to come. March 27, 2012. Supereme Ego Comics
Supreme Court considers biggest power grab in U.S. history.
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