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Daily Racing Rag Special Report RUSH LIMBAUGH EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
Breaking News FOX WHITE CHANNEL Debuts! THE MASTER BAITERS is a comedy series made for the new FOX WHITE cable channel. In the series two professional wrestlers and their manager deal with a business climate overrun by minorities. Endless semi-racist gags and redneck practical jokes on minorities are staples of the FOX WHITE network's first made-for-cable tv sitcom. July 30, 2013. TV Colorama
The Master Baiters new tv series on FOX WHITE.
GOP Message Rejected By Young Voters! Rush Limbaugh says we don't need the little bastards. The Republican party's own research polling and focus groups show the GOP has completely lost the generation of under 30 voters due to GOP positions on almost all issues. June 3, 2013. Focus Group Folks Report
Rush says GOP doesn't need younger generation.
American Workforce Reacts To Sexless Scandals! Survey says it's no scandal without sex. A XEST.NET News unscientific poll found only one person who believed a scandal could be a scandal without sex and that person lived without internet access. READ MORE May 20, 2013. XEST.NET News
America reacts to sexless scandals.
CONSERVATIVE Is Now A Dirty Word! Limbaugh may have spewed too much vomitive commentary under the brand name of Conservative for too many years. A majority of all Americans now find Rush Limbaugh and his Conservative parrots' vomitus disgusting, dishonest, offensive and of zero redeeming social value. Rush Limbaugh, who also made "liberal" a dirty word years ago, has done and said everything he possibly can to become the most despised person on talk radio and in politics in general. Recently, in PMM word association tests the most common response to the word Conservative was asshole! March 12, 2012. Pottery Mouth Monthly
Conservative is a dirty word.
Limbaugh Sponsor Drop Clock!
The Original Douchebaugh! Limbaugh Adds New Sponsor!
Factory in China taking huge orders.
Chinese workers making the original "Douchebaugh" are happy and so is factory manager Eu Wong. He's never heard Rush but says he likes making the water bags with Limbaugh's face on it because he just bought a new BMW with his profit. He hopes Mr. Limbaugh will say more comments that cause controversy.
March 8, 2012. China Products Report
Hey Jackass, stop using our music on your racist, misogynist, right wing clown show! RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
Limbaugh Sponsor Drop Clock!
Romney accepts rush apology! Romney Accepts Rush Apology!
Mitt gladly goes prostitute to keep Limbaugh in bed with Romney campaign.
Rush Limbaugh called women who use contraceptives sluts and prostitutes. And if they get their birth control free because of Obama's healthcare plan, Rush has demanded to watch those women having sex in online videos. After 12 sponsors quit, Rush Limbaugh apologized, sort of, but only for the use of two words. Romney forgave Rush immediately and put on a sexy black dress he hopes keeps Rush horny for a snug fit with Mitt because Mitt cannot win in November without Rush Limbaugh at his back.
March 4, 2012. Romney After Dark
Rush pushing aspirin for birth control! Aspirin Isn't Working For Rush!
Limbaugh is the soul of a GOP determined to exclude as many women as possible.
Rush Limbaugh called women who use contraceptives sluts and prostitutes. And if they get their birth control free because of Obama's healthcare plan, Rush said he thinks that he and all taxpayers should be able to watch those women having sex on videos. Rush Limbaugh is a Republican political propagandist and blatant liar who manipulates millions of morons who vote Republican. Rush does all the thinking for his mob of slobs called "ditto heads" because they get all their facts from Rush Limbaugh and that means they are pathetically misinformed and ignorant.
March 2, 2012. Limbaugh Brainwash Bulletin
Revisit the 2012 U.S. Presidential DerbyRevisit the 2012 U.S. Presidential DerbyRevisit the 2012 U.S. Presidential DerbyRevisit the 2012 U.S. Presidential Derby
2012 Presidential Derby!
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