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Daily Racing RagThe Daily Racing Rag
Daily Racing Rag Special Report NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION EXCLUSIVE! If everybody else had these stories they wouldn't be exclusive.
SHIT FOR BRAINS This news documentary style series from the producers of DATELINE explores just how ignorant, racist and hateful millions of Americans are.
NRA Sports with Wayne LaPierre
$200K NRA Open Carry Derby Marred By Accidental Discharge! Horse and jockey killed by gunfire in incident at 3/8 pole. It can be rough going on the backstretch so jockeys are allowed to carry semi-automatic handguns with extended round clips in the $200K NRA Derby at West Texas Downs Raceway. A stewards inquiry determined the shooting was accidental and there was no change in the order of finish. May 8, 2013. Western Daily News
200K NRA Open Carry Derby marred by accidental discharge.
Terror Group Kills Bill! Intimidated GOP Senators lay down like terrified lamb chops. In the hours following the NRA victory over background checks for terrorists buying assault weapons celebratory gunfire killed at least 29 people nationwide. April 18, 2013. Good Morning Terror News
Terrorists kill bill.
NRA 500 Armed Auto Racing Action! Denver Mattress last car rolling after high speed shootout. Action at the inaugural NRA 500 Armed Auto Race in Texas was a hit with the fans but ended quickly. The first lap was the most exciting in NASCAR history as cars were crashing and exploding like fireworks. After 3 1/2 laps only one car remained in the race and was declared the winner. The winning pit crew went wild and celebrated with gunfire late into the day. April 14, 2013. Townhole.com
NRA 500 armed auto racing action.
NRA 500 victory lap by winner.
NRA 500 winner takes victory lap. (above) NRA 500 winning pit crew celebrates. (below)
NRA 500 winning pit crew celebrates victory.
NRA Attacks! Common sense vaporized in all-out assault by NRA. The very creepy leader of the attackers barely resembles a human form and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings has no effect on the alien creature which is devoid of empathy for living things and emotionally capable of feeling only rage and fear.
April 2, 2013. News Nightmares
NRA Attacks!.
Bushmaster Fights Funeral! Will Congress reinstate ban on military assault rifles? Three times as many people die from gunshots than die in car accidents and the President has promised to do something about it. Common sense reforms have been fought bitterly by the gun lobby of manufacturers and NRA assault rifle enthusiasts. January 15, 2013. Capitol Rifle Ranger
Bushmaster Fights Funeral!
Planet Of The Guns! Can mankind save itself from the cold dead grip of rampant gun violence?. Over my cold dead body was the slogan of deceased NRA leader Charlton Heston and millions of other cold dead bodies when they were living but now that they are cold dead bodies a more sensible approach to mass killings by gun nuts is in order. President Obama asked Joe Biden to investigate the issue and offer suggestions but mankind is more likely to blow up the damn planet then willingly surrender any weapons. January 10, 2013. Gun Planet Predictions
scene from Planet Of The Guns.
NRA member offers protection for local school! Wants felony indictment dropped.
Sancho "Tio" Guzman says he can protect the local kindergarten kids from sick little gringo fucks with assault rifles but in exchange for his services he wants the cops to back off his drug dealing operation at the local high school. Guzman is an action movie fan but doesn't think violent movies are to blame for gun violence because he watches them and he's okay. Tio says he's been a NRA member since he was forced to relocate here 3 years ago and learned he had to join the NRA in order to use his machine gun at the local firing range. December 26, 2012. NRA Heroes Magazine
NRA member offers protection for local school.
NRA Head Goes Batshit Crazy! Wayne LaPierre wants armed guards in all kindergartens!
The real mission of the National Rifle Association has never been clearer. The sole purpose of the 141 year-old institution has always been to to sell more guns and despite being socially irresponsible and politically despicable they have succeeded wildly. Gun sales skyrocket after every new mass shooting of innocent civilians. December 21, 2012. Daily Diving News
Irrational Rifle Association
Vote for 2012 U.S. President TodayVote for 2012 U.S. President TodayVote for 2012 U.S. President TodayVote for 2012 U.S. President Today
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